非自建物件類型的, 即var obj ={};, 可參考上一個章節的Object Literal Notation

ES5, 自建物件類型的method宣告方式 以及static method/data:

物件的member成員若是function, 通常叫做method.

非static method: 1. Person.prototype.sayHello = function() 2. in constructor:

    function Person (){  
      this.someData = 0;  
      this.testFun = function{  
        //can use this.someData to access

static method: MyClass.method1 = function (). It has no relationship with an object instance of that constructor function

static property 也可以透過一樣方式定義:MyClass.staticProperty1 = "test"

jQuery的library應該主要部份是純function, 部份是static method. e.g. $('.jQueryButton')$.get()

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